2 Tall Men and 3 Red Cows

Yesterday I had a nice time hanging out with my dad and my brother, Shawn.

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Dad looked at my car and diagnosed a bad wheel bearing (left front) and a bent tire (right front)….

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I thought it was a little funny that my car would have the same problem as my body. Bad left wheel bearing. Unfortunately “resting” the car will not improve its condition as it hopefully will for my ankle.

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Dad (Mike) has a farm in Arlington and my brother Shawn is 18 or 19.

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I’m a bad sister because I can never remember exactly how old my brothers are, nor can I ever remember the names of the animals at their house.
I love them despite my bad memory and want to share their handsome faces with you.

9 thoughts on “2 Tall Men and 3 Red Cows”

        1. That’s hilarious! I still fondly remember Ophelia. Are you paying and splitting this cow with Dan and Lisa?

        2. Also, I took many more pictures of the cows than this. Do you remember the number on your cow’s ear? I may have a nice picture of him 🙂

          1. I would love to see a nice picture of my cow!

            Yes, Dan and I are splitting the cow when its butchered.

  1. I’m 20 and Sarah’s cow is the biggest, if that makes sense. He is in the middle of the three on the picture you posted.

    1. You’re TWENTY!?!?
      Wow. That’s confusing to me.

      Thanks for clearing that up 🙂
      Also- I have some nice pictures of your dog which I was going to post on facebook.

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