Blue and gold day

There’s something about Colorado Springs… in the old suburbs… that reminds me a lot of Chicago.

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I spent the day at my friend Kris’ house on Sunday. We baked, she raked, I took pictures… we went to dinner and then watched a movie. It was really lovely.

On my photo excursion (around the block) I kind of marveled at the crisp, blue and gold beauty of the day.

I could not really capture it the way it was because it involved so much more than color and shadow.

But also the colors and shadows were in glorious splendor….

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I saw this ENORMOUS, auburn squirrel. I tried to take pictures of it, but it was darn fast for such a chubby thing.

It’s just like me to fall in love with a place when I realize I will soon leave. And so it goes. But also I’m happy and grateful for how many breathtaking¬† places there are in the world.
I love Colorado Springs.

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