Do We Matter?

This last week in class we talked about personality and team dynamics. Along with that conversation we all shared our Myers Briggs scores.

I posted about this in the past and it’s interesting to come back to the question of introvert vs. extrovert.

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This time when I read the descriptions of INFP and ENFP I strongly identified with both. Looking at famous people with these two types, I see that the extroverts are journalists and revolutionaries and the introverts are poets and theologians.

I have the real need to artistically explore and express my inner self as well as radically change and influence the the outer world. Coupling these “needs” with my previous post that what we believe about God matters, I am left feeling an urgency to study and discover. We all know that the world is not as it should be, but what needs to be dealt with and how does it need to be handled? Can one person change the world? If you think about people like Paul the Apostle or Darwin, Alexander the Great or Martin Luther King Jr. it’s clear that a single person can impact societies and generations of people….

The point, for me, is not whether I will have that kind of impact on the world.

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The point is, whether I am rightly handling the influence I currently hold. I admire people of the past who took great risks to understand and impact the world. Even if they were wrong, it took much for them to do more than survive life. It took perseverance, passion and sacrifice to search out, discover, understand and communicate. I used to believe that my life could not possibly mean anything because there were so many lives before mine and there will (likely) be so many after I am gone and forgotten. But now I know that even though I will likely be forgotten after I am gone, the things that I do now, the way I believe and live my life will impact others and there will be ripples which reach out, namelessly into the lives of people who never heard of me. Not because I am special, but because I am human and we effect each other.

So what does that have to do with my personality type? Not much. Whatever God created me to do, he did it for his glory and that is enough for me.

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