Errant Errands

I don’t get out much.

Today all of the necessary things came together for me to mail a package and it was amazing. Here are the laborious steps to such a feat: Find a box. Have an address. Have the money on the same day that I have the ability to borrow a friend’s car, on the same day that I have some free minutes during business hours. Today was just such a ┬ámagical day.

I told a friend in July that I wanted to send them something specific in the mail. Near the end of August I thought to buy the right box while I was at Target (cheers and high fives!). I already had packing tape because I’m the girl who always forgets about tape when she believes that buying the box at the post office will work fine and now has 3 rolls of packing tape. So the box was ready to be sent sometime in September and today it finally left my possession (high fives and cheers!).

Here’s what else happened. I wanted to check several things off my list, so I brought some photo CDs to send to another friend. I have their address memorized. Check. I had just deposited enough money to send plenty of things. Great. In my minds eye, I felt sure I could buy one of those padded mailers at the post office and THOSE don’t need tape. Good plan….

When I walked into the post office, my brain lost a few connections and as I gazed at the mailing containers my eyes landed upon a very small box. I had just stared for a minute at the padded envelopes but the ones I was looking at were all decorated. What went through my head was that I didn’t have a label, so I’d better buy something blank white or else the address would not be readable.

If only I had let my eyes travel less than a foot to the right, I would have saved myself $2.59. I grabbed the box (AGAIN forgetting about the need for tape, most likely fooled by the smallness of the box) and jotted down my friend’s name and address which I kept handily in my semi-functional head. It was when I put the CDs into the box that I realized my mistake. Honestly, I actually checked my purse for any kind of adhesive to keep the box safely closed.
I pondered buying more tape, and as I stared at the tape prices, my eyes wandered a few inches to the right of where I’d gotten the box and landed upon BLANK padded envelopes.

I don’t know how I have made it as far as age 35.

It doesn’t end there.
When I finished paying to send the packages (and for the extra box) I went out to my friend’s car and tried to get in, with no success. Was the clicker not working? I jiggled the handle to no avail. I squinted into the car and noticed papers on the seat I hadn’t noticed before. This is when I stood up on my toes and looked over the top of the car I was attempting to get into and saw a nearly identical car parked on the other side.
I actually laughed out loud and confessed to a passer-by that I had been trying to get into the wrong car. He probably considered asking me for my number but changed his mind for some mysterious reason.

My final moment of glory was at the grocery store 40minutes later. While I had planned to go to two stores (cost effective because the store where I can buy really healthy and reasonably priced food has horrendous prices for non food items), I realized part way through my shopping that it might be asking too much of myself to maneuver all the hazards an extra stop would bring. It was at the check out counter that I discovered I had dropped my wallet on the seat of the car.

This, at least confirmed my decision to make no more stops.

I don’t think this tops the time I locked my keys in the car while it was still running, but I think it can be asserted that being an adult is not as easy as it looks.

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