Flee From Cookie Immorality

I’m back on the wagon.

By that, I mean, I’ve stopped eating sugar…. again. It’s possibly comparable to, say, trying to quit smoking in Ireland or  trying to not eat bread in Germany.

Sugar. Is. Everywhere.

I successfully gave up sugar last year for about 5 months. And then earlier this year I gave it up for Lent. 

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Whenever I talk about this to people they invariably suggest moderation. It’s a good suggestion (and a popular one). Unfortunately, sugar is my trigger to not eat in moderation… so if I just choose one day a week to eat sugar? I spend the two days after that fighting with all of my being to not eat sugar. Whereas, if I never eat it, then I have a much easier time resisting. Not only that, but my cravings in general are reduced…..

The hardest part is finding a solid reason to cling to in moments when I’m tempted. The other day I was in the classroom all day working on homework. Sitting on the counter were two large ziplock bags full of chocolate chip cookies. I did fine all day long with them sitting there. Then, just before I was going to leave that room a few guys came in and saw the cookies. Have you witnessed how men act around chocolate chip cookies? They appear to be receiving great treasures after years of poverty or an expensive meal after months of starvation the way that they drool and moan over chocolate chip cookies.
So, these guys see the cookies and do the man/cookie thing. At one point they’re practically surrounding me in their individual cookie ecstasy  and suddenly it felt like some horrible assault on the purity of my heart. 

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They dispersed, but with difficulty. They loved the cookies so much.

Then? After they’re gone, I see that they have left both bags open. OF COURSE I have to go close them and have to smell the cookies as I close the bags. I did not eat any, but I did feel some resentment toward their mothers for not teaching them to cover food after taking some out of a shared container.

So, there’s that. The three other things I’m working on lately are basics. Sleep, exercise and time with Jesus.
The benefits of doing all four of these things are huge. Sanity, joy, energy, love… and enough to share.

What about you? What the basics that help you be a nice human?

11 thoughts on “Flee From Cookie Immorality”

  1. Go, Peggy, go! Good job on quitting sugar. I kind of think the moderation argument is funny, since it’s not like sugar is something that we need in moderation or is even remotely good for us. I’ve settled on being okay with having sugar on special occasions (holidays & birthdays) but I’ve gotten to where it doesn’t even seem like an option to eat it for any other reasons.

    1. Thank you!

      I think eventually the goal is to stop forever, but for now I go in manageable increments.
      It’s really difficult to think about never eating it again, although it would really be better for me if I never at sugar again.

      I need to find some really good, healthy alternatives for celebration and “treats”.

      1. Right, exactly. I think part of my issue has been learning that I don’t deserve a “treat” every day. Not much of a treat if it’s on a daily basis and for no real reason except the urge to eat sweets, yes? Janie doesn’t love this lesson either. It’s been amazingly difficult to maintain with the children, because everyone else wants to feed them sweets at every opportunity (then, naturally, I’m the bad guy for depriving them).

        I’m finding that learning to enjoy food that is good for me then makes that good food a treat. I love roasted asparagus. A good steak? YUM. Mangoes? YUM-MY! I also use stevia in my coffee and tea, and it is apparently good for you–it doesn’t cause sweet cravings and actually helps your body process insulin.

        1. I love asparagus.
          And if they weren’t so ridiculously expensive here in Colorado Springs, I would eat a lot more blueberries.
          Makes me wish I’d bought one of those blueberry bushes when they were selling them at Haggen.

      2. Also, that picture makes me want cookies.

        Also, the basic thing that helps me be a nice human? Definitely SLEEP. Being tired makes me awful. So, managing my thyroid and my allergies is another thing I have to watch.

  2. Peggy, that could have been written by me. Sugar is a terrible trigger in my life. Jim and I went off sugar several months ago and he lost over 15 pounds and avoided having to do insulin. I did fine for 10 lbs and a couple of times lately I have had sugars, sugary, etc. You have inspired me to make a big decision today. NO MORE SUGAR. (We have cut out white flour as much as we can also and white rice.)You are my hero today!

    1. GO FRANCIS!!! You can do it!!
      Congratulations on going for several months! Keep it up!!

      Have you guys tried agave? I just use a little in my coffee in the morning and it doesn’t have the same effect on the body as sugar. Not that you need sweets, but it’s fun to have a little sweet here and there.

      Also, I still eat fruit. 🙂
      Bless you. When I’m struggling, I will pray for you!

  3. YAYAYA! GO PEGGY! My parents had me off refined sugar as a kid because it cleared up my terrible eczema. I was great at not eating it until they said I could have a little… then it was ALL OVER. I am definitely an addict. I have focused on eating more of certain things. I focus on one goal at a time… like more leafy greens, more grainy breads & brown rice, and now cooking with beans. Luckily my tastes have shifted enough that many sugary processed foods are unappealing, but the chocolate ice cream still successfully seduces me many nights each week 🙁 I salute your resolve.

    1. Ice cream is a hard one. Thankfully, there is a TCBY near me that has a sugarless frozen yogurt- made with strawberries and without fake sugar.
      It’s not chocolate (which I LOVE) but it’s good, nonetheless.

      One goal at a time is good. I feel the journey toward healthy eating takes a long time and I’m happy to look back and see incremental changes for the better. Those are encouraging.

  4. Flee! I’m encouraged by your fortitude. I’m also amused by the story because I can picture it. There is something to be said for men adoring cookies.
    Sometimes it’s easy to neglect the “basics” because they are so obvious. But the basics are the basics BECAUSE they are so obvious… We need good food, good sleep, good exercise and time with God! Prioritizing other things first and thinking those things will somehow organize themselves is a big fat lie.
    Go Peggy!

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