Following Yonder Star

Home is a happy vortex. It’s a little disorienting but awesome.

So far I have been to a Christmas party, a photo shoot, a concert in downtown Seattle (with my friend Sara’s band), a tree decorating, a walk on the rocky, cold beach, some Christmas shopping and now some cookie making. Lots of coffee and conversations about God.

The disorienting part concerns making decisions about how to spend my time…. while the hours keep running. The sun goes up (so I assume by the lightness of the grey outside) and the sun goes down and it keeps happening at seemingly lightning speed. What’s up with that?
How can I do everything I want to do? Must I sleep?

It seems like an impossible math equation that the work I want to do is so far away from the people I belong to.

2 thoughts on “Following Yonder Star”

  1. Thank you for the short and thought provoking post. It is interesting how time sometimes moves too fast, too slow or maybe just as one feels is most comfortable. The question that keeps nagging me – the first question you ask is: “what’s up with that?” in reference to the days passing – sun rising and setting seemingly too fast.

    Then you ask “What’s up with that? … How can I do everything I want to do?…”

    I ask myself those same questions. Then I wonder what if… there were no time constraints? What if we were not held by time to chose between one thing or another? What are some consequences of no consequences resulting from lack of decision and action based in time. With no time limit I could visit whomever, do whatever and the pain of not experiencing something would in many cases be non existent. So then I think that maybe the decisions and pain are there to teach me something. I’m not really sure.

    I wonder if perhaps the pain of not having enough time to have it-experience – share it all – is actually the limitation that is designed to help me grow. Again I don’t know – your post raises a lot of questions for me and I appreciate you sharing it.

    1. You always ask questions I don’t think of that make me think deeper into something.
      I was thinking more along the lines of- what if there were two of me… or even three? Maybe three would be the best.

      But your questions make me wonder in a different direction- a more realistic direction. Yesterday my sister was suggesting that maybe no one is supposed to be connected to as many people as I’m connected to… because of technology I leave no one behind but do not have the capacity within myself to be present in all of these relationships.
      It seems like this calls for a massive restructuring and rethinking… it’s hard to know where to start.

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