God In My Homework

The School of Biblical Studies was both the most difficult and the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Because I had not had a positive experience with school in the past, I had never wanted to do the SBS, afraid it would just be another opportunity to fail. And so when I felt like God might be calling me to do the school

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(just about 3 weeks before the school started) I wrestled hard to be totally sure I was hearing him correctly. To be honest, when it came down to it, I made the decision based on who God is and not upon what I feel I’m capable of accomplishing successfully. I took a dive because I would rather fall on my face in pursuit of God than be “safe” and miss what he has for me.

What I discovered during the SBS, was God himself…

One such encounter occurred on a bleary-eyed Saturday morning in the middle of 2 Samuel. 2 Samuel 7 starts with King David. He is looking around at his blessings, after a long, hard road to the throne, a road filled with God’s sovereign guidance and David’s humble obedience. Joyful, triumphant, David declares that he will now build God a house, since God has given him such a beautiful house and he is but a man.

God’s response to David is something I had always read negatively. I used to think that God was saying to David, “No, no, it’s not you who gets to build me a house, David. You have too much blood on your hands. I love you, but I don’t want your gift.”

This time, as I observed this story, I suddenly realized that this was not what God was saying at all. He wasn’t criticizing David in the slightest.
What he was really saying (and David gets it, as you’ll note from his worshipful response) is,

“David! Wait! It’s still my turn. I’m not done blessing you!”

And God continued and continued and continues to bless David right to today.  God said to him, “Your throne shall be established forever.” And while there is currently no physical king on earth who comes from the line of David, we have Jesus, the eternal, cosmic King of the Universe who came through the blood line of David, answering both this promise to David and God’s promise to Abraham that through him He would bless all nations.

One of the biggest things I realized from that nine months of study was how much bigger, much more forgiving, so much more loving, and way more holy God is than I had ever known before.

I came on staff because I want to be a part of helping others to know God more deeply.

My prayer for the students coming September 12th is that they will be totally wrecked and made new by this wild, beautiful, loving, persistent, chatty and faithful God who loves to be known by his people. This God who is still not done blessing.

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