If I could create a drawing that described this year, it would probably be a comic strip. The whole thing would be a roller coaster ride.

After sitting here thinking for a while, I realize that describing the pictures I would draw is probably less effective than just describing the year itself.

January: This was a month of great elation. I had just completed the School of Biblical Studies, which is a marathon of studying for 9 months. I had puffy, bluish skin under my eyes and a great big smile on my face.

February: I went home for 6 weeks to “raise support.” I put it in quotes because that is not as concrete an activity as some might make it out to be. Basically I hung out with my friends, made new friends, and spoke to a few groups of people about the work I feel called to do as a Missionary….
This was a great time, but also quite exhausting and by the end I had picked up a new crick in my neck and probably had not gotten rid of the bags under my eyes.

March: I returned to Colorado half-way through the month by way of a van with two of my friends and some much needed furniture. A bed! A dresser!
Diving back in to life at the YWAM base, I landed on the sprained end of a curb and found myself sitting in bed for about a week with my ankle propped. During that time I was invited to join staff for the upcoming Crossroads Discipleship Training School. I was nervous, but excited to finally learn the ropes.

April-June: This frame would look like that part on a roller coaster where you’re climbing to the highest point… click… click… click… as the ride heaves its passengers and the passengers try not to hyperventilate with anticipation. Then mid way through I tottered over the edge and went soaring down in a blaze of relief and fear. Discipleship! Logistics! The former is where I wanted to put my hands up and joyfully feel the wind rush through my hair and fingers. The latter was what made me open my mouth and howl.

July: A new, mini section on the ride sent me back home for 3 weeks to work as camp pastor at Warm Beach Camp. Vacation-like and lovely, this was like going to Hawaii to speak at a large convention. You have the beach and the warm ocean air and then you have hundreds of faces looking up at you as you try to say something worth hearing. Imagine the eyes belong to Jr. Highers and you understand my happiness and my terror.

August: Staff training for the next School of Biblical Studies! I had somehow lost the bags under my eyes during my time at camp and I was delighted to join this group of staff (there are 7 of us). But again I feel myself strapped in for a wild ride, the tracks jutting suddenly off to the left and then careening wildly up, up and around, around… The students arrive in a little over a week and somehow it will be like the school I staffed in the Spring only teaching the Bible and grading papers will be added to the list of duties.

As it is Labor Day, I am sitting in my room, still in my pajamas with a cup of coffee and only a stripe of outdoor light peeping through a crack in the curtains. I’m pondering how to study in the most effective way this week and how to not hyperventilate as the ride click… click… clicks its way up a steeper climb than I have yet experienced.

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