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This picture was taken a few years ago in a moment of creative randomness with a friend. I don’t remember how it started.

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I’ve used this photo for a profile picture in a forum where he frequents because to me it was a photographic representation of our friendship- we enjoy being creative with available material, even if that is just ideas or thoughts. I didn’t visit the website with this picture for a long time because I was immersed in studying, but in the last few weeks of being back in Washington I have visited it several times.

Now the picture is beginning to mean something else to me- it is this; learning to see better by listening to those around me. I don’t know if that says it perfectly….

After studying the Bible really intensively for 9 months there was  a part of me that felt like I should know a lot of stuff. At the same time, what I uncovered in all of that study showed me that there is still a vast (wide! long! high! deep!) amount of stuff which I do not know.

So I’ve been talking with my good friends and family.

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Conversations with my 8yr old niece about God (and her My Little Pony game), conversations with some young people about what they are learning from their study of the Bible, conversations with my brother-in-law, my good friend who is a full time mother of 4 children,  my friend’s mom who works a lot of hours as an advocate for older people, my sisters, my good friend who asks profound questions while eating lunch at Carls Jr.

In “real life” I find that studying the Bible has changed me. I am more excited about the reality of God’s love because I believe more and more that it is God’s love which sustains reality…. what Paul prayed in Ephesians 3:14-19 is making its way into my (inner) being and my conscious thinking. When I talk with people about God, I feel less interested in spouting facts and more like I want to find out if they know they are loved and look for ways to express that fact to them in a way that reaches them.  In the real world I also find that although I do want to share what I’ve learned, I also want to continue to learn from those I love.

Now the picture of me with my friend’s eyes is the picture of how I hope to be with others. How I hope to be with you. What do you see?

2 thoughts on “In Your Eyes”

  1. What I see in you is a wise, creative, and inspiring person whose blog posts I love to read and who I am looking forward to actually having an inperson visit with very soon!

    Also, the picture of your niece strikes a chord in my heart. I have learned so much more about Jesus and who He is in discussing Him with my children. My 6 and 9 year old have very hard and good questions that force me to grow my faith and knowledge as I search with them for the answers, learning, just like you, that there’s infinitely more to know, and gosh, isn’t it wonderful that God knows it all so we don’t have to? It’s lovely though, to see the new thoughts and wonders that are opened up the more we study.

    1. Thank you, Angie.
      I think it is so good to have people in our lives with hard questions. I have my own hard questions and I think we really should wrestle with them together.

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