Last bits of summer…

I added several more pictures to my “people” set. It would have made more sense if I could have attached them to the posts they belong with, but instead I will just tell you they are there so you know.

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The packing is going well. Victories are being won here. At the same time I am preparing to camp for a couple of days in the mountains….

Lately I have been having the strong desire to sleep outside. Jessica and I slept out under the stars a few nights ago (when it was not raining) and it was SO lovely… even with the screeching owl and the street light, the stars did their dancing holes poked in the black ceiling thing while we lay below, cozy and giggling.

Fresh air? Love it.  Being covered in dew when I awake? Not so much love but it’s not the worst.

What are you doing with the last bits of summer?

This song fits my mood lately so well and it was playing as I was typing above about sleeping under the stars….

2 thoughts on “Last bits of summer…”

    1. Thanks! That was fun! Just waiting for the tire to be fixed turned out to be a really good time 🙂
      At least for me. Maddie has some awesome hair going on.

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