Love Affair

It’s Saturday night and I’m just sitting here watching movie trailers. So, the usual. I managed to work in two burritos today, several handfuls of chocolate chips and then a drink with chia seeds to balance out the other things.

I also took this super romantic walk by myself. Well, the dog was kind of with me on the walk. He mostly ran ahead of me and went to the bathroom on stuff. Looking back on that, it’s actually kind of incredible how many times he urinated.

The sky was outrageously complex and emotional. The trees, too, and the yellowed grass edging all of those muddy green fields. Obviously I live in the country. Even living in the country I couldn’t help but resent the signs of life invading all of that beautiful, wild, winter nature. I have this favorite tree, which is crowded by power lines, a mail box, the road, some tacky little spray painted No Trespassing sign. 

When I walk that direction on the road, I look forward to seeing it likes it’s some attractive man I always run into at the grocery store. No, I’m more forward with this tree: I circle it and take photos of it with my cell phone, slowly looking for some angle that captures as much of it’s glory as possible without some ugly man-made object messing things up…

Adding to the bright sunshine and the lengthening shadows, I was listening to the soundtrack to the movie Jane Eyre. Which has the perfect amount of melancholy. 

Seriously, who does not love melancholy? It’s not the same as sadness, or depression and it’s not just those feelings dressed up in burgundy lipstick. Melancholy is a treasure chest of creativity and cathartic grief, it validates the things you cannot change by revealing their beauty, and their wisdom. Melancholy is like joy and sorrow having a passionate love affair.


All I’m saying is, it was a good walk.

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