Multiple Choice Personality

I recently took the Meyers Briggs test again. Several years ago when I took it said I was ENFP.  Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.

The info given seemed pretty accurate at the time.

When I took the test the other day I came up INFP. I went from being an extrovert to being an introvert. In one sense this is not such a big deal- my score as an extrovert several years ago was pretty close to the middle and my score now as an introvert is pretty close to the middle.

Somehow it still causes me to see myself differently. I have a  list of some of the main characteristics of all of the personality types and I find it interesting how much more I identify with the INFP than I do with the ENFP. So the shift is possibly not superficial but goes deeper into the ways I have been changed in the last few years.

Here are the things that stood out to me as most true – things that I value:

*Harmonious work settings; working individually
*Creativity, curiosity, exploring
*Helping people find their potential
*Showing appreciation and being appreciated
*Ideas, language and writing
*A close, loyal friend

The results from such tests are not everything. It does not really tell me who I am but it has led to some deeper insight about things that haven’t made as much sense to me lately.

I have this deep question in my heart about where I belong and… with whom do I belong? Also, how do I balance my strong need for solitude with an equally strong need to connect?
It’s good stuff, actually. It’s real and I know I am not alone.

3 thoughts on “Multiple Choice Personality”

  1. I took the test you linked and came up INTJ again. I’ve been pretty consistent over the years on this one. I’ve found that, for me, the value is in realizing that things I thought were flaws are actually just parts of my personality that need to be coped with rather than “fixed”. Realizing that I rate justice more important than mercy means I need to be extra careful in situations that might require mercy since God is merciful AND just.

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