My Ankle, My Nemesis

Here’s a word I learned recently. Supinate.ย  It’s how I walk. Yes, I onceย  even said… it’s how I roll (cue groans).

Supination ( if this is a word) is when you put the weight on the outsides of your feet when you walk. This leads to sprained ankles in folks of all ages and denominations. Including myself. A 33 yr old… uhh.. Baptist? Methodist?
Jesus-ist maybe.

Anyway, here’s how the story goes. Last December I sprained my ankle doing the very tricky trick of stepping off of the porch into the grass. Bam. Or, crack, rather. Crack. Sprained ankle. Did I go to the doctor? No. Did I have have health insurance? Well I did for a few weeks, now that I think back, but all of that was complicated and confusing back in December….

Then some time in January I did another trick when I walked around downtown Seattle for an evening wearing some ratherย  hard soled shoes.
Bam. Ouchy ankle. This time there was no roll or crack… just unhappiness in the region between my foot and leg.

Injury number 3 came on a hike two weeks ago. This time there was a roll and a crack. Thankfully there were also two friends who dealt very well with the disappointment of ending a 10mile hike after walking less than one mile. Plus, one of them has some kind of degree and knew how to tape my ankle.

The reason I am posting all of this today? Today came injury number 4. Hiking up Sauk Mtn. We were, in fact not even on a trail but on the road because the road was covered in snow and we could only get so far in the truck. Even a truck with four wheel drive. So we hiked up the road. In the snow.

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Wearing my new hiking boots (no blisters, mom!) I rolled my ankle. Roll. Crack. Shout to my friend who was ahead. Lay in the snow and fill up with frustration, laughter and a few swallowed tears. Again I was thankful to find that I was hiking with a friend who took this development with the attitude of going on another adventure. Another friend with degrees who can tape a stupid, rolly, freckled ankle.

In the grand scheme of things a pesky, weak ankle is not on the list of horrors. I do feel awfully frustrated by the thing.
My new super hero name (all the cool kids have one) is The Supinator. So far my only power is being able to make others feel really helpful when I am laid out flat on the ground.

Tomorrow I will head over to the free clinic and see how helpful I can make those people feel.

9 thoughts on “My Ankle, My Nemesis”

  1. Hope you find a solution. This may sound weird, but maybe viron can help you also. Definitely go to the free clinic, but I know viron does some boin. May have spelled that wrong. Ask kayla e. about it

    1. That’s interesting- I wouldn’t have thought of Viron although he did help me one time when I was having horrible tendonitis pain in my wrist.

      I hope my ankle problem isn’t comparable to my wrist problem because that is chronic and limits me still.

      Thank you for the suggestion!!

    1. Of course I want to try all of the hikes… and I want to have no more ankle rolling!! We would not have been able to hike the trail yesterday even if my ankle had been fine because there was still so much snow…
      Which begs another “what?”…. It’s June!
      I should get all healed up for an awesome two weeks of hiking in August ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Besides your supination could your ankle be weak because to that really bad sprain you got stepping of the curb by the Boat? I walk on the outsides of my feet also.

    1. The sprain I got near The Boat years ago was on my right ankle… this is my left. I think I did something bad to it in December and it has not healed… so I’m just hanging onto and possibly adding to the original injury.

  3. Hey… I’m like… a pronator ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually an OVER pronator.
    At least on one foot, which causes an imbalance in the hips which is why I wear custom orthotics.

    I think supination is a word ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, once you’ve sprained your ankle those tendons and stuff will never fully heal. Maybe you could wear an ankle brace? You can find them in drug stores ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry about your ankle woes… I love you!

  4. Peggy, you are so funny. I am sorry about that part between your “foot and leg” hurting, but it’s a good story. Perhaps less porch-to-grass attempts : )

    1. Yeah… stop stepping off porches into grass. I agree. That is a good idea ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’m going to work on this thing… I have trails to hike!!

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