Olympic Game Farm

The adventures continue.
Yesterday I went with a friend to the Olympic Game Farm near (in?) Sequim, Washington.

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The experience was so fun and left no real possibility for me to roll my ankle as we drove through the park. We came upon Yak, Llamas, a Rhino, several Bears that did tricks (Grizzly and Black), Bunnies, a Bengal Tiger, Elk, Deer (of all kinds) and many Bison. Some of these animals are sort of gentle- nibbling the bread out of your hand. Some were much more aggressive and really wanted that bread, thank you….

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The two most intense moments came, first at the beginning when we were surrounded by Yaks and Llamas. I may have made one of the Llamas angry and my friend almost had his ponytail eaten by a Yak. Then, later it was the Bison.  These beasts are… well.. beasts.. with ENORMOUS heads. One in particular stuck his huge head right into my window and proceeded to shower drool all over my person.

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He wanted the bread real bad and the intensity of this was a serious rush. After we drove away from him I looked down to find my camera was also covered in Bison water.

We then proceeded in a very round about fashion to Hurricane Ridge. We were able to drive all the way up and walk along some short, easy paths to look around. It was breath taking and really just enhanced my desire to be ready to really hike again soon.

Lots more photos of this adventure can be found in my photo gallery  “Local Adventures”.

5 thoughts on “Olympic Game Farm”

    1. One deer I fed seemed to have an unstoppable hunger… and… a very dry throat! Chomp, Chomp. GULP. GULP. and then fervently seeking more.
      Too funny.
      If you ever go to the place, be warned… Bison have bad breath!

  1. Hi Peggy, I love reading your blog and I love blogging also! I don’t know you very well but, thanks for sharing your thoughts and your pictures. I ‘ll try to be one of those blog readers that leaves comments and just just a “lurker” . Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. These are awesome photos! I finally cleaned the bison drool off the outside of the truck. The majority of it was on the passenger side for some reason 🙂 — I think the majority of the drool that poured down inside the truck landed on you and your camera. The only remaining evidence that there was a one ton beast inside your window are stale crumbs from the four loaves of bread (and whatever else fell out of the animals mouths while eating inside the truck).

    I found an interesting statistic about the bison – there are more than 450,000 bison in North America today compared to less than 1,000 about a century ago – there are also bison on the island.

    1. That’s great. I’m glad I was able to keep your truck clean by being the goo receptacle 🙂

      There are bison on the Island?!?! We should go find them.

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