Out of a silent planet

I’ve been trying to read books. A little success was made this last week.

I picked up  Perelandra by CS Lewis. It’s the second of  the “space trilogy”. In all fairness, I have read this book several times, so it’s less of an exercise and more of a favorite world to visit. What I love so much about this book, though, is not the interesting world, but the depth of insight Lewis shows concerning the mind of the main female character.

The main male character, Ransom, is sent to the planet of Perelandra with the job of saving its perfect and innocent first inhabitants from the dark serpent sent to corrupt them. Ransom is just a man.

This suddenly reminds me of what I did last Thursday night. I went with a group of friends to down town Colorado Springs to see if God had anything he wanted to say to people there through us.  Back in the days of Bible college this would have been Evangelism time but this was much less about putting notches on the soul conversion chart and more about revealing God’s character and His heart for whoever needed to hear….

I confess that I did not feel very up for this. I wanted to go, very much, but I also felt within myself something that is echoed by Ransom of his task for saving the queen of that new planet;

“What was the sense of so arranging things that anything really important should finally and absolutely depend on such a man of straw as himself?”

If I depend upon my own amazing ability to communicate the truths of God or my own deep understanding of the workings of the universe and the great love of God then I can only feel despair.  I do not possess those things.

What I do possess is what Ransom also had as he stood before the difficult task of defeating his powerful and vicious enemy to save the queen. I am here and of all the things I don’t know, the one thing I do know is that the God of the universe loves us and holds out that beautiful gift for all that He has made. I know it and if I don’t tell people I hold back from them the knowledge of what they need most.

Thursday night  was good to me. I did not have a lot to say or a lot to offer but as I witnessed others reaching out and the kind of meaningful encouragement this brought, something grew inside of my heart and mind. At the end of the night my shrunken heart had grown as well as my faith in a God who not only loves, but also speaks.

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