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Just because it’s been so long since I posted photos, I wanted to post this post.
On Wednesday evening I went out with my friends to grab some photos of their family.

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The sky was threatening, and while I started out nervous that it would rain on us, in the end I was glad because the sky was so much more interesting than plain old blue. We didn’t get the magical evening light, but we did get dramatic clouds.

I gave up the idea of being a professional photographer a few years ago, but there’s no way I would give up being a photographer altogether, and considering that I have a multitude of friends who cannot afford professional prices, it’s awesome that I have the equipment and some skill to bless them with….

On a side note,I actually came to Colorado with the intention of becoming a photojournalist in missions. When I go home people ask how that’s going.

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It’s slightly awkward to tell them I’ve started heading in a different direction, but it’s also not entirely true. What is misleading isn’t my path, but our culture which says that a person has A Function, A Career.  In a community movement like Youth With A Mission, it is quite possible for me to be a photographer and a Bible teacher, and a lunch cook who also cuts hair and writes articles.

I actually know more people who live with this kind of work than people who do the traditional “career” thing.

At any rate, I love shooting people and while I’m excited to teach at camp in the next few weeks, I’m equally excited to have my camera along to photograph the campers, staff and beauty of Northwest Washington.

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