Place to Be

Sometimes I run out of words. There is some magical balance between structure and freedom which I am trying to strike. Too much structure and I become too stressed and anxious to function well, too much freedom and many important left-brain abilities go out the window- the most noticeable of these being communication.

To combat this atrophy, I’ve been doing crossword puzzles and reading books. I have even managed to write in my journal, but I’m still not really at a place to make focused, thoughtful posts.

For that reason, I have taken pictures for my post today. This represents the corner I turned yesterday. Not only did I have two very helpful conversations with two wise women about Rest, but I also cleaned and organized my room- making it a much more comfortable place to work stuff out….

This is where I read, write and hang out with God.
Also, to the right of the end table is a little space I made for an art project.
I’ve taken my clothes out of the suitcase.┬áIt does wonders for feeling At Home.
I hung a little art on the walls on either side of the window.
I found these in an old children’s book.

On a walk I picked up some fallen branches to make the room smell heavenly.
Here are some words.

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