Running headlong

I had a talk yesterday with Jessica about The Unknown.
Somehow the unknown used to seem less scary. Maybe I was naively optimistic about the possible outcomes. Now I am not quite a cynic, but I am more wary. Also I have learned how awesome it can be to be known and know others… to get good and comfortable in the familiar.

When I think about moving to Colorado sometimes I feel afraid. It’s very unknown and I will be leaving some pretty incredible people who have become so dear to me….
But then I remember that when I was 21 I got on a train and road two days to Chicago. I walked 12 blocks from the train station to find a bus and then with the help of the lady sitting next to me I figured out where to get off the bus to find the hostel I’d booked for the night. The hostel was full of “interesting” people and although I felt sure my mom would have been biting her nails had she seen me there, I felt FULL of life and adventure. Then I started a year of college in this big city not knowing one person at the start.
At 25 I got on a plane and flew to Germany to do another school and again, I knew no one there and was leaving everything familiar for The Unknown. At that time I was also full of excitement and hope.

It encourages me to remember that girl. It stirs the embers of an old excitement. Warm Beach has become my home and probably always will be home… but also from another perspective, the world is my home.

In what ways do you feel drawn, called or afraid to run into the unknown? What is this unknown thing for you?

2 thoughts on “Running headlong”

  1. I’ve always admired your ability to do something even tho you were afraid. Maybe afraid is the wrong word. Maybe hesitant or fearful. When you took off for Ireland by yourself you made all the plans saved all the money and just went.

    You won’t be alone in Colorado. You have friends there you haven’t met yet and God is preparing the way for you. It’s an adventure in the making. I would like to have done some of the things you have done and had such adventures. Remember when I told you I had wanted to travel the world for Christ like Corrie ten Boom? I knew I couldn’t do that with three little girls in tow. But I was younger then and had a lot more energy and less wisdom. Not that I’m so wise now but you know what I mean.
    I know that you are going to do so well . I almost wish I could go with you. We could live together again eh?
    I love you precious girl.

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