Set Yourself on Fire

What a week. Really.
I’m not sure how to tell the story. Where to start or what to share.

It’s not like I chase drama. Generally I like to be Just Fine. So it was probably not a good idea to go into Monday with so little sleep. Why didn’t I sleep? I don’t know. But I didn’t sleep and then I set out to run errands. After wandering, confused around Costco for a while (remember I’m tired) I get in my car to discover that it. won’t. start.

Wait. What? Try again. Won’t. Start.
Also? I smell a lot of gas….

Some lady walked by my car and suggested that I’d flooded the engine because she could smell gas. But the thing is? I only tried starting it, like, three times and even then I didn’t actually put my foot on the gas. The turning over sound was normal but it was not catching.
Thanks, lady but I’m going to call my mechanic of a dad.

“Hi, Dad. My car won’t start”. He’s in Seattle and suggests I get it towed to his house.

But now the time is getting closer to when I have to be at work. So I call a few friends and find one (Sadie!) who will come get me. Phewf. She very generously drives me to deliver some perishable food I’d brought with me to take to a friend and then she drives me to work.

Remember how tired I am? I was a mess. You would have thought someone died. My face hurt from stress- like I was getting hives and I had to SMILE at people which felt nearly impossible. Thankfully we were slow and my coworkers (and boss) were SUPER gracious to me.
Also I ran into many friends who weren’t like “Why are you freaking out, freak? You’re fine!” They were more like “I love you, what can I do?”

Another friend (Emily and Sadie) picked me up from work to take me home. In the car I had a clear mental picture of a person drowning. You know how you can’t save a drowning person who is panicked and flailing? That was me. Not thinking, only freaking out.
I HATE asking for help and I’m not good at thinking through dilemmas that involve cars and money. But, big whoop, right? Get some sleep.

So. Home. Good cry. Sleep.
Tuesday? Such a better day. I worked all day but at many points people were helping. So many. Amanda is asking every customer if they have AAA (which you bet your face I’m getting now), one customer offers to go look at the car (gave him my keys), another friend gives me a ride home from work. And then several other friends figure out how to tow the car for free and spend a lot of time and energy going to get it and tow it to my dad’s house.

HOW AWESOME ARE YOU!? Seriously. You? Are awesome. Thank you,Sadie, Amanda, Matt, Davie, Dave, Emily, Kayla, Dave, Bob, Jessica, Charlie, Dad and… even that lady who gave me the unhelpful comment in the parking lot! Thank you!

The car is not (as far as I know) yet fixed BUT I cannot help but feel grateful for the frightening adventure of being in need and receiving help.

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    1. The only other way I could think to put it involved swearing…soo… you know, to keep my blog “safe for the whole family” I made up something new 🙂

      Ha. Yeah… something like that.

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