Snow Day

I woke up this morning at about 5:30 although my alarm was set for 5:45. This is the new thing… waking up 15 or so minutes before my alarm is set to blast. Good times. Especially when, the last few nights, my brain takes ages to shut down and let me fall asleep.

This marching band started playing in my chest and head while I was visiting Washington this last weekend and not only is the music diverse, but the players are enthusiastic and possibly in a different time zone. So at 5:30 this morning a dance song was playing and all my muscles were waiting to spring out of bed….

I had planned to work out, that’s why my alarm was set for so early. Down in the work out room there is only one elliptical machine and I think it is the favorite, so I’m conscious that I should get there early, work out hard and then make room for others to pretend they are great runners. This morning I had actually decided I would go running outside because I didn’t want to be an elliptical hog… but… when I stepped out of my room I noticed a lot of that cold, white stuff covering the earth and I don’t know that I have the courage to go jogging in the snow.

It was good… and then I came back to shower and eat breakfast.
Now? Class is starting two hours late!!

The question is… do I take a nap and make up for the sleep I lost to the marching band and the elliptical or do I work on homework? Since I have dinner clean up this week, which leaves about 2 hours in the evening for homework I think I should probably get to work.


I may have to start having dance parties because apparently my red blood cells upped to compensate for the altitude and just kept going.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. So the suspense is too much – did you decide to take a nap? or do your homework? or both?

    The snow sounds exciting – I haven’t jogged much in the snow, although I have watched a race that is held every Winter near the local ski resort. The runners all wear snowshoes.

    One activity that I have enjoyed in the snow that doubles as an excellent cardio workout is cross country skiing. I discovered that as a novice I do not know the difference between “high end” cross country boots and skis and “low end” cross country boots and skis (and poles). This is kind of like golf for me – a golf club is a golf club. The big ones are used to hit the ball a long way, the smaller clubs are used to hit the ball a shorter distance. The benefit for me and maybe you too is that not knowing the difference between high quality or low quality allows me to purchase used cross country skis, poles and boots for very, very little money.

    Cross country skiing is a fun workout and i discovered that the learning curve is relatively short as long as the trail is relatively flat. Hills are a different matter entirely.

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