Staying to Go

Life is moving quickly. Quite quicker than I know how to document. I have actually written several other posts that I didn’t publish because I couldn’t sit still within myself long enough to decide whether they contained true and real things.
I often think that it is in these moments that it’s best for me to stay silent.

But I do want to share, even if the words are few.

After spending 6 weeks preparing, the students have finally arrived. There are twelve of them, 10 women and 2 men. They are a very social group, on the whole. Listening to them share how they got here and why they have come has brought tears to my eyes several times.

Why is that?…

The general theme of their desire to study the Bible stems from a desire to know God Himself better and be able to communicate who He is to others more fully. This gets me choked up because as I look at the world, as I get to know God, ┬ámy own desire to help others know God for themselves, study the Bible for themselves and truly encounter God – this has grown much bigger than I am normally aware of…. until… the students show up and they want exactly what I’ve been longing to help people discover.

(For some reason this reminds me of an experience I had in Thailand: Walking down a market street I had a woman shout to me… “HEY! You BIG BIG! I have BIG BIG!” Meaning she thought she had clothes that would fit my round, American body. Similarly I want to shout joyfully at the students, “HEY! You want to know God better?! I can help!!”)

In the middle of doing this school myself last year, I had several moments when I could barely sit in my seat anymore…. I wanted so badly just to GO out into the world and tell everyone what I was discovering about God. This is part of how I discovered I should be a teacher- because every time I learn something I immediately NEED to share it with others. It could be that I will get to GO (I hope so!) but until I go, there is a lot of good work to do right here.

Although I’m a little nervous about my first teaching (Learning Styles on the 26th), I’m SO excited to walk with these students as they dive into the Bible and encounter the real and living God.

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