Thank you, more please

After a day of busyness and celebration I feel reflective and, out of step with all of the sweetness and joy, I feel a bit sad.

No expectations were disappointed. In fact, I was surprised several times today by gifts, kindness, phone calls, attention. At the dinner table

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tonight there was a distinct family feeling. I asked everyone who knew birthday songs in other languages to sing them. We got Norwegian, Russian, Dutch, Thai, an African language… and… I feel like I’m missing one. I wish I could have recorded this to share with you.

There was a birthday cake, cinnamon rolls, chips… and then at dinner a dear friend, Susie brought me these marshmallow filled brownies!! I love marshmallows!
We went to Starbucks after dinner clean up was over and people bought me coffee, a mug, a gift card…

I think  lavished upon is a good way to describe how I felt many times today.

I am deeply grateful. And somehow still sad. Maybe it’s just a matter of being tired.

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Maybe being loved on and made to feel special leads to some other part of me that probably needs therapy. Maybe I am thinking about how there is such a short time left in this school and then I will say goodbye to some incredible people. I will then go home, spend time with those amazing people and have to say goodbye again.

Rapid fire living.

I think what I loved so much about dinner tonight was that I was really present with these dear people, enjoying them and feeling no angst or worry about my place. Unselfconscious enjoyment. It is rare and I was not ready to move away from that moment.

We have each other briefly. This is something I often have a hard time accepting.

I know, right? Poor Peggy :).
Thank you, friends for today.

4 thoughts on “Thank you, more please”

  1. You’re like me in that you make friends quickly. And so many of them are only for a season and then you must move on. Everytime I moved or changed churches or jobs, I have had to leave behind some really sweet friends. Not because I stopped loving them, but I just don’t have time to maintain them all. I think of all the friends I made at the bank, at Bothell First Baptist, at Meadowdale, at Snohomish County, etc. (not so much at the jail). And the ones I’ve made at Grace….. oh my gosh, I love them sooo much.

    I feel like I’ve made this about me. But really, it’s about both of us. I guess all parents love to see their kids have their best qualities. And of course, my kids don’t have any of my bad qualities. 😉

    1. What bad qualities? 🙂

      Saying goodbye is the worst. I like to think of it as keeping a bookmark in that relationship. I may not be able to spend time with them, but there is no weakening of love.

      Thanks for commenting, Mama!!!

  2. I love reading that you felt a distinct Family Feeling during your day.

    And what an awesome way to celebrate the very special day: Happy Birthday sung in Norwegian, Russian, Dutch, Thai, an African languages.

    I’m apologize if my text is a bit blurry I’m still wiping the drool from the keyboard that is a consequence of that deliciousness displayed in the mixer 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your day and thank your sharing your vulnerability.

    1. The family feeling was so good and unexpected.

      I would love to do some baking when I’m home. I hope you are hungry this December 🙂

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