The Excellence of Joy

Several things want to burst out of my head and go galloping across this page.
I’ll start with the first and hopefully I will not get lost in a tangent and forget the big second thing.

Last week this woman, a prophet, came and prayed  over us in class. Whatever you may think of prophesy or prayer, this woman was a beautiful, loud and honest version of wonderful. She said something to me about my desire for excellence in the details. At first I thought she was saying that I’m Detail Oriented, which would be an extremely inaccurate way to describe me. Unlike my mother and most of my close women friends, I am not a bean counter or an organizer. I do not get so much joy from making lists and checking them twice.
What she really meant was that I am Beauty Oriented….

Then the other day a young lady who is doing the culinary arts school said something about my striving for excellence and this sounded like a similarly strange thing to say about me. When I have worked for “businesses” in the past I have inwardly groaned when the big bosses talk about striving for excellence. I have, in fact, despised the word because to me it meant pucker mouthed, slanty browed older women checking my work with white gloves.

Having someone tell me again that I am oriented toward excellence caused me to take a second look at the word and how it plays itself out in my life. I realized that I do strive for excellence… but not in the dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s sense. It happens when I am experiencing joy while I work. Making coffee, taking pictures, writing, counseling a friend…. these are all areas wherein I spend a lot of energy seeking beauty and excellence because they are things I take joy in doing. It is out of my joy over the beauty of a task that I seek to make it as excellent as I can.

What tasks give you great joy? Do you find they turn out more beautiful because you love them?

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