Unbirthday Gifts

Currently I am sitting across from two of my nephews. Randall and Jonathan. They are 10 and 11 years old. Cousins who are also friends. Randall is fake coughing to make me laugh or … annoy me? He is also a little annoyed that I’m writing about him on the internet. Jonathan explains that I may be planning world domination with my typing. So we sit across from each other and make silly faces and noises. When he discovers that I’m  typing about our interactions, Randall furrows his brow- an impressively clear message is given.  He is not pleased with my public communications about him.

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Later in life he may be both proud and embarrassed to know what an amazing Aunt he has and how much she adores him.

But this is not what I meant to sit down and write about….

I simply meant to come here and share two of my favorite surprises about this weekend. They were like presents waiting on a day that is not my birthday.
The first is that Sarah and I are sleeping outside in a tent. It’s a necessity because my mom and her husband have just moved into the house we’re visiting and there is only one spot in the house for a guest. Jill gets the couch. The kids are sleeping in the RV and since Sarah is allergic to the dog, she cannot sleep in the house. Solution? TENT! It may not be so exciting for you guys but for me it is awesome since I’ve been thinking lately about how much I want to sleep outside.
Weird? Okay, I accept that label.

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The second “present” is the dog. In my memory, my mom has not been a dog person. We have almost always had cats. I love cats but I LOVE dogs. And now? Mama has a dog. I mentioned him in my last post but the revelation of his existence came last night as we were waiting for the tire to be changed and Jill mentioned it in passing. WHAT? A DOG???
He is a sweet, sweet thing. His name is Trapper but I call him Buddy…. like I call most males who are either younger than me or pets. I’m plotting how I can smuggle him home.

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