Unrehearsed Family Bonding

We’re still at Mom’s house in Idaho.

I’m happy to be with these people- you know- family. I’m a little surprised at how many good moments of connection there have been amidst so many thoughts in my head about life and church and family and the future. It’s like I haveĀ more senses and I can suddenly multitaskĀ  the input from each one without overload.

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The characters here are as follows…

Mom and Mike: Mom, aka Jane is a shorty who wakes up happy in the morning and pets my hair as she watches mystery shows at night. Her husband, Mike has just been around for the last 5 or so years and I grow to love him more all the time. He is tall and gangly with a big, muppet like laugh and a boyish joy over things like his motorcycle and his grandkids

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Sarah, Randall and Janie: Second oldest daughter, Sarah is an analytical thinker, she loves to hike and she’s the one I’ve been sleeping out in the tent with. Her kids, Randall (10) and Janie (6) are sweet and a little sassy. Today I watched Sarah and Janie engage in a “kissing contest” which involves Janie trying to kiss Sarah’s cheek and Sarah trying to kiss Janie’s lips. It’s a hilarious game to watch and it seems no one really loses.

Jill, Maddie and Jonathan: Jill is the oldest sister.

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She is gifted in many areas- basically if she becomes interested in something, she masters it. She also eats her food with the most precise method around. Maddie (12) has got some amazing magenta colored hair. On the verge of being a teenager, she draws well and tries not to laugh when we make jokes to her. Jonathan (11) is also a good drawer. He has a very dry sense of humor that borders on wonderfully absurd.

Myself: Youngest daughter of the mom (biological, that is). Very freckled after a lot of sun. I no longer have such a distinct identity in this group but I belong. I especially enjoyed the moment today when Sarah raced to sit next to me at the restaurant with the excuse thrown back at Jill “You got to sit next to her in church”.

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