Sometimes a bad evening happens and all you need is a person (or two) to hear you and sympathize. Nothing major, just friends who care.

Even friends like your own mom. (Thanks, mom!)

It’s a bit like shushing a frightened, crying toddler. Only a scrape… kiss the wet cheek, snuggle a moment.

Except today I was the toddler.

It was nothing. Really. Some crazy people, driving dangerously and flipping me off for not also driving dangerously (you know that strip between Co Springs and Denver where it’s narrow and curvy and everyone drives like maniacs!?). Then some technology issues, then running around and retracing steps because I did things wrong (without knowing the rules) to start….

Disappointment and loneliness sometimes rear their ugly heads for seemingly no reason.

So I texted my mom. Yeah, we text. And I talked to the other people doing dinner clean up this evening. They cared. Even if nothing bad actually happened, they cared that I was out of sorts.

Another bonus to the mini, minor emotional meltdown was that I realized my old ways of dealing with those feelings are gone. I was telling Nancy (on the cleaning crew) that I used to get really mad and throw things. It never was satisfying and it’s certainly not something most adults would readily admit to… but now? Now when I get really out of sorts and angry and there seems to be no reasoning with myself…? Now I tell God how I feel in the most honest and basic terms and then if there are people around I tell them how I feel and make sure to express that they are not to blame for my emotional state.

That’s it. I just get really, down and dirty and communicate clearly and with love.

Whoa. Right?

Those two things together- friends who care and being honest without saying hurtful things… that leads to totally defusing those wild emotions. No joke.

So… thanks friends. And thanks God for showing me what has changed- what you have healed. Your way is always better!

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