Woman! WHOA man.

Finishing off time with family right now- we’re flying down I90 in the RV. Sarah and Jill sit up front listening to music a few years newer than what we heard on the way to Idaho. Right now it’s the soundtrack to So I Married An Axe Murderer. Where do bands get names like “Toad the Wet Sprocket”?

Everyone is pretty “done”.

I feel done but I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the 10 days I have left in Washington. I already feel like I’ve set out in a boat by myself and am heading out to sea… excited for the adventure, longing to share it, missing home.

Here is what I will attempt to accomplish in the next 10 days:

* get a new phone as my current phone freezes up and stops working every 20 minutes or so
* sort the rest of my stuff and pare down to what will fit in my car (which is fixed!!!)
* have coffee with Jessica or Emily every morning I can manage
* set up the laptop my sister Jill gave me for what I will need in CO (thank you, Jill!!!)
* participate in a garage sale Becky Collins is hosting (and planning!) for me on the 9th and 10th of September (you should come!)
* find a swimsuit
* edit photos from this family trip to Idaho
* hug you
* camp for a day or two
* go to Warm Beach Free Methodist for the last time on Sunday the 4th… (please be there for your hug)
* get in one last coffee ceremony with the twins
* figure out a plan for world peace

No big deal, right? What will you be doing in the next 10 days? Is hugging me on your list?

4 thoughts on “Woman! WHOA man.”

    1. I did!! My sister Jill is crazy generous like that.
      Not to mention I had another good friend offer his laptop, as well.

      People are amazing.

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