Words, Light and the Need for Sleep

Word and light.

Jesus has been called both.

I cannot speak life giving words or hold out sight giving light without being closely connected – INTIMATE – with the one who is The Word and the Light of the world.

(Just last night I was talking to God about intimacy with Him. I asked Him how I might have this since it is a real and ongoing need but it is also so often elusive.)

This morning I woke up after the usual disturbing dreams and felt okay. The room was clean and a new day was ahead but also my head was foggy and I felt really tired. Shower, coffee, breakfast and then down to the big room for worship with the whole base.
This time of worship was a bit too intense for me…. One of my biggest struggles is that I focus too much on the people around me- not taking time to rest and be with God and recharge. So worship today, which was all about seeing the need of my fellow man, was difficult for me to enter into and it was draining.

When I got to the building where we have class I was in such a tired fog that I locked my keys in my car while it was still running. Consequently I arrived in the classroom late, feeling  exhaustion and a little sadness that I was not connecting with the intense morning worship nor the intense time of prayer that followed my arrival to class.

Our teacher this week is a journalist named Patrick Butler. Early in the lesson today he spoke a word about showing up to class Prepared to engage and learn. This really convicted me. The conviction was good and reminded me of a verse that God has spoken to me many times in my adult life. 1Peter 1:13

“Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.”

We (I) have been given a gift which is actually a gift for many. Communication. Whether it is photography or writing or editing or design, this mass communication is a gift given to a few for the benefit of many. As the receiver and barer of this gift, it is vital that I Prepare my mind for action, Be self-controlled and Set My Hope in Christ. Otherwise the gift will not bear fruit for others to the extent that God intends.

Word and light.

I want to be a vessel for both.

If I am to take this new direction seriously, I must also take seriously the reality that I cannot do any of it without being closely (intimately) connected to Jesus.
Sleep, water, prayer, exercise, writing… these are things I cannot forgo.

What gift/s have you been given and what kind of preparing does this require of you?

3 thoughts on “Words, Light and the Need for Sleep”

  1. Yes, but, add to your list of essentials HOPE! Hope that god will transform you through these disciplines and new opportunities by the renewing of your mind, hope that His presence and love and approval and delight are always with you, even with the overwhelming moments and the lapsed emotional connections and locked keys in running cars. Peace to you my sister, the deep peace of the Lord as He takes you on this learning curve. May you know His blessing and love in every step. May you recall always His blessing and concern and delight for you as you follow Him! 😀

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